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Established 1990

Tired of sitting around? Get your 4WD out in the wild.

Northern Nevada 100's and 100's of Miles of Roads and Trails.

Tired of sitting around watching people with 4 wheel drives having fun on TV? Why not sign up for an off-road class with Off-Road Experience and see wild Nevada while you learn safe off-roading?

We offer Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 classes depending upon your experience level.

You don't need a tricked out, jacked up 4 wheel drive with knobby tires. Most stock 4 wheel drives will do fine. You do need real 4 wheel drive with a low range. 

Sorry, but AWD vehicles with no low range are not acceptable in most instances. Please check when you call or email.

Northern Nevada Railway


You can still ride a real old time 1800's steam railroad in Nevada, see wild horses and burros, drive on the old Applegate wagon trail, see mountain goats, or just bum around old ghost towns and abandoned mine sites in Nevada.

We have a new BLM permit covering Northeast Nevada and are now offering a new excursion from Winnemucca to Jarbidge to Elko. 

Excursions subject to availability and are price on request. Some will require camping. Please check when inquiring.

Certified Instructors

Our instructors are certified and experienced in training you how to properly use your vehicle. In level I classes you will learn the following:

1. Pre trip inspection.

2. What items you need for off road trips such as tow straps, tools, gas, water.

3. How to read terrain and avoid damaging your vehicle.

4. Hill ascent and descent techniques.

5. Proper use of throttle and brakes.

We can offer an instructor to ride with you in your off-road vehicle at additional cost and subject to availability.

A Guide to Off-Road Driving, by M. Green

ORE Adventures in Off-Roading rates

We also offer Train-The-Trainer Classes for government entities. Prices upon request and will vary depending upon location, date, time and number in class.

We can also offer custom training classes or trips. Need a guide? Call us.

Off-Road Classes

Special Notes:

Special  Notes concerning above listed courses:  

1) All Training classes are One (1) day events. 


2) Classes last approx Six (6) hours each.  

3) Level-1 classes are normally held on Saturdays only.  

4) Level-2 classes are normally held on Sundays.  

5) Level-3 classes can be scheduled for either day in advance.  

6) One-on-One classes may request dates & time as available.  

7) Class location varies and can change due to weather, and without notice.  

8) Additional drivers are $50.00 each (per class); meaning three (3) per car.  

9) Advance Registration and Payment is required.


Have you read the previous categories? "Questions & Answers" to "A Guide to Off-Road Driving".  Let’s jump ahead... You have already contacted "ORE" and obtained the sign-up material, which you’ve complete and returned in a timely manner. Your motel/hotel reservations are complete and confirmed, "ORE" has since mailed you a confirmation for your class...  

1) It’s Friday evening, your 4wd is loaded up and pointed towards the predetermined location.  

2) You’re asked to meet at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday (all Level-1 classes are held on Saturday’s).  

3) You’ve completed the required paperwork and convoy instructions have been issued... you’re rolling by 10:00.

4) Once you’ve arrived at your class location, "class room time" will begin. This is approximately 35-45 minutes. Here the instructor(s) will go over your vehicle, Break Overexplaining everything from maintenance to approach/departure angles, ground clearance, break-over, etc.The 4wd system will be discussed in some depth, including when and why it should be used. Traction, axle articulation, wheel travel, tires and even snow chains are discussed in depth.Driving tips and habits are also discussed, including demonstrations. Well worth it.

5) The group will now depart on a low key/low impact trail ride, using roads/trails suiting beginners.

6) As the convoy makes its way along the route, obstacles will lye ahead. At each obstacle the lead instructor vehicle will stop the convoy, the participants will be asked (required) to gather around. Watching, listening and doing is learning. Next, the Instructor vehicle will tackle the given obstacle first, followed by the first student in line and so on until we’ve all cleared the area. You’ve watched, you’ve listened, you’ve done it yourself, you’ve learned. Instructors are on hand to personally help you through the obstacle, so not to worry. Then its on the next obstacle, and so on, and so on.

7) Soon lunch break will be upon us, this will give all participants and Instructors a chance to talk.  

8) Your trail ride continues after lunch, more obstacles and fun lay ahead.  

9) At approximately 4:00/30 p.m. you’ve completed the course. Time to head for the hotel or home.


Whether you have just completed the Level-1 class on Saturday, or some weeks/months ago, you’re more than eligible for our Level-2 class. These classes are sometimes scheduled on the Sunday following a Level-1 class (special arrangements can be made to allow for a Saturday Level-2 course), thus enabling participants to tackle two courses in one weekend, allowing more off-road fun for your buck.

Our Level-2 class is just that, Level-2. Before you have completed the Beginner class you’ll be more than familiar with the way we work and how we teach you the fun of off road driving. Level-2 classes consist of different locations with different terrain. Unlike some classes that scurry off to the boulders strewn areas, we don’t, instead we head to the valleys and canyons where we can play uninterrupted in the loose dirt and obstacles with in the dry washes. A cross-country run may be included, or requested, but in the end we take you where you can learn at your speed, one that won’t exceed the limitations of your vehicle. Sure the terrain is more difficult, but in order to progress further, we must tackle more difficult situations. This is a very popular course.

1) Like the Beginner course, you’ll be mailed a confirmation notice approx one week prior to your requested date.  

2) It is likely the meeting location will be different than that of the Beginner course, please be aware of this.  

3) The time frame is the same, approx 6 hours, meeting at 9:00/9:30 a.m.  

4) Due to the area involved, fuel tanks may require topping off in town prior to setting out.  

5) At approximately 10:00 a.m. we’re on the road headed to our play area.   

6) "Class Room Time" is near zero in this course, instead being replaced with more One-on-One teaching.  

7) Off-Road; The use of low-range and high-range varies, as does the terrain.  

8) Vehicle control is taught more extensively, as well as approaching obstacles and reading the trail ahead.  

9) Some map reading & navigational work is taught. Just ask.   

10) Approximately 6 hours later we’re done for the day.


No, you are not required to take/complete the Level-2 course before tackling the Level-3 class, though as stated before, the Beginner course is required. As with our other classes, the title says it all, and this is Level-3. Again, these courses are normally scheduled for Sunday, alternating with the Level-2 courses for the time slot, the one with the most requests wins. The Advance class can be requested in advance for a given date (during an open weekend), or private group classes as small as three vehicles can be arranged.

Prior to, or during, your asked what sort of terrain you wish to tackle (with in our areas of use). Some opt for desert playa, others want dry and wet washes, while others want to drive cross-country. It’s all up to you, or leave it to us and we’ll give you a taste of it all (with in reason). Navigation is also explored, getting into, or out of, a particular area is all part of driving off-road (see "Navigation" for more on this subject).

One-on-One & Navigational

One-on-One: Just as the name implies, this is a true One-on-One course, one instructor to one student ratio, i.e.: private lessons. We like to set these classes up in advance, so take a look at your schedule and ours. We also ask that two student vehicles be present in most cases (safety in numbers rule). The Beginner class is not required for this class, as it contains such as needed.

Navigation; Getting there and home again can be difficult at times. Since the first ships set forth across the vast open oceans, navigation was the key to their success. When wagon trains pulled out of  Missouri in the 1800’s, someone had to navigate, otherwise they may have found themselves in Oregon instead of California.  Today navigation has become so much simpler with the advent of the GPS (Global Positioning System). Maps, which have been around longer than most can remember, are still a very important tool, as is the compass. However, a GPS is all but useless without a map and proper training. Want to learn more?  Every now and again we’ll have a navigational class, or request it during an Level-2 or Level-3 class. You’ll be glad you did.

Mining Companies, Federal Agents, Military

We offer a vast variety of safety, driving and naviagtional courses to suit your needs, please call 925-606-8301 for more information and prices.


                                                                        2009 Nevada Trophy Race

Nevada Trophy 2011 - Team EMD

                                              A great video that shows the terrain we train in.

Ultimate Adventure's


Ultimate Adventures come in many forms; Camel Trophy comes to mind as the ultimate off-road adventure, but sadly is no more. Land Rover introduced its G4 Challenge in 2003, the latest in global off-road adventure. Even the television has jumped on the bandwagon with Survivor, and our personal favorite, CBS’ Amazing Race. Lost was interesting show, but it didn’t last the ratings war. Outback Jack has some great moments, but has little to do with off-roading (lol), but the scenery is great. Whether it is off-roading in the jungles of Borneo or looking for clues and answers in Africa, or a task Down-Under, all of these events are designed for the amateur competitor.  The Off-Road Experience seeks adventure too. In 1994 "ORE" set out to organize an off-road event for the amateur driver/enthusiast. The following December saw the emergence of Challenge 96. Since then "ORE" has organized events such as the Desert-Pro Challenge 97, Nevada Overland, and the annual NEVADA TROPHY. Introduced in 2003, Nevada Trophy-II, The 12-Hours of Nevada.

Since its conception the NEVADA TROPHY has been run in winter months, the idea being to take advantage of the adverse weather. Since 1996 we have encountered varied weather conditions, though in recent years however it has been moderate.

In 2003 we changed both the date and the time frame. NEVADA TROPHY 2003 was run in August, and instead of two 12-hour days, NVTR2003 was be billed as  "The 36-Hours of Nevada". It was quite an event. In 2004 we reverted to two days of competition, each lasting 15-hours, and it’s this format since.

Interested in signing up for  NEVADA TROPHY?  Mail or e-mail your name, address, phone & fax number and e-mail address to "ORE".  NEVADA TROPHY, the most copied off-road event in North America today! NVTR has now been defined as a… “GPS Navigation Rally Raid”  So if you enjoy the outdoors, great driving opportunities, the thrill of competition, navigating, and of course Geocacheing… then you have come to the right place.


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